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Fileside 1.8.5 for Windows

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Fileside 1.8.5 for MacOS

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This trial version is fully functional for 30 days.

Release history

26 May 2024

Release notes 1.8.5

Drag and drop between separate Fileside windows on Windows now works again.

18 May 2024

Release notes 1.8.4

Another 1.8 follow-up, with a fix for Preserve dates on copy not preserving the Created timestamp, plus some usability tweaks and improvements around listing updates and focus handling.

7 May 2024

Release notes 1.8.3

Fixes for occasional freezing with large folders and for emojis in filenames on Windows.

12 April 2024

Release notes 1.8.2

With the extra columns becoming available from 1.8.0, it led to more busywork setting up the columns just right for each pane. 1.8.2 addresses this by always copying over the existing column configuration when creating new panes. So that you only need to configure the columns for the first pane in a new layout, and then later panes will automatically get the same columns in the same order.

4 April 2024

Release notes 1.8.1

Fixes two potential crashes and a flaky button.

29 March 2024

Release notes 1.8.0

1.8 brings better insight into your file system, with lots of added metadata and aggregated sizes for folders.

9 October 2023

Release notes 1.7.2

Only a few bug fixes this time.

15 July 2023

Release notes 1.7.1

While only a minor release on the surface, this one contains a lot of plumbing improvements below ground, needed to squash some tenacious bugs, and to provide a smoother user experience overall.

2 March 2023

Release notes 1.7.0

1.7 is all about paths. In a welcome update for terminal fans, Fileside now supports tab completion for manually typed-in folder paths, and improved path handling all round.

15 December 2022

Release notes 1.6.2

A minor bugfix release that fixes keyboard shortcuts such as Cmd-C, Cmd-V, Cmd-Z etc in dialogs on Mac.

12 December 2022

Release notes 1.6.0

1.6 is out, in which Fileside becomes a more well-adjusted citizen of its surrounding operating system society, through a bunch of new features focused on improving system integration.

19 September 2022

Release notes 1.5.1

Some polish and minor bug fixes for the new features in 1.5. And a teeny weeny new feature.

16 August 2022

Release notes 1.5.0

Search has been one of the most common feature requests for Fileside since the beginning, and now it’s finally here. A simple, no-nonsense, recursive file system search, that does what you expect and leaves no stone unturned.

To accommodate this, the path box also got a major overhaul, featuring a much improved navigation experience.

7 June 2022

Release notes 1.4.3

Fixes drives not always showing up under This PC on Windows, as well as a potential crash bug.

26 March 2022

Release notes 1.4.2

Strictly a bugfix release for a potential crash when loading or starting up with a pane pointing to a missing directory.

18 March 2022

Release notes 1.4.1

This minor update adds markdown support to the preview, and introduces a build for Apple Silicon.

15 November 2021

Release notes 1.4.0

Previews get a significant boost in 1.4 with support for many more file types. Furthermore, they’re no longer strictly confined to their pane, the new Expand toggle lets you go full-screen when you need to.

28 July 2021

Release notes 1.3.2

When there are conflicts during file transfers, you now have the option to overwrite only if the source file is newer than the corresponding destination file.

26 June 2021

Release notes 1.3.1

Moves are now much faster in most common scenarios.

29 March 2021

Release notes 1.3.0

A focused release addressing one topic only: columns. With 1.3, you have the kind of control over the pane columns that you would expect. Hide, show, move, and automatically fit your columns for each pane.

7 January 2021

Release notes 1.2.2

Strictly a bugfix release to fix a potential crash when loading a layout or starting Fileside.

3 January 2021

Release notes 1.2.1

Some small tweaks and fixes to make the preview experience smoother.

25 November 2020

Release notes 1.2.0

Previews have landed, taking the usefulness of Fileside to hithertho unknown levels with version 1.2. Other additions include built-in support for compressing and extracting zip files, as well as a new file type column.

19 October 2020

Release notes 1.1.1

Whenever you release new features, there’s usually a few Gremlins hiding within them who don’t reveal themselves fully until after release. Fileside 1.1 was no exception. This bugfix release takes care of them.

9 October 2020

Release notes 1.1.0

The 1.1.0 release is mostly about applying some well-needed oil to the internal gears by upgrading a lot of under-the-hood components, but some new features and improvements managed to get snuck in as well.

18 July 2020

Release notes 1.0.3

A slightly bigger, but still minor, release this time, tidying up a few messy corners that needed attention before moving forward.

2 June 2020

Release notes 1.0.2

Another ultra-boring minor release with some under-the-hood fixes for license handling and auto updates.

30 April 2020

Release notes 1.0.1

This release is only for fixing one single bug, but it was a big bad one. Selections were not telling the truth with the Hidden files setting switched to Hide.

11 April 2020

Release notes 1.0.0

The 1.0 release candidate is finally ready. If no major bugs are found, this is the version that will be used for Fileside’s public launch.

2 April 2020

Release notes 0.6.4

Faster transfers and fixed handling of bad filenames.

3 January 2020

Release notes 0.6.3

This is intended to be the last build before 1.0, picking up a few of the remaining little issues and annoyances.

24 October 2019

Release notes 0.6.2

Fixes for symlink-related crash bugs and improvements to sorting and the context menu are the order of the day.

10 October 2019

Release notes 0.6.1

A small bugfix release to fix an annoying crash bug that crept in with the last pre-release commit.

8 October 2019

Release notes 0.6.0

After a hiatus of a few months, Fileside is back with a vengeance, with what’s intended to be the last beta version before launching publicly. As such, it contains the feature set planned for version 1.0.

14 May 2019

Release notes 0.5.1

This release finally fixes some long-known bugs, and adds support for multiple Fileside windows.

8 May 2019

Release notes 0.5.0

Working with layouts is now less of a plight, thanks to bright-looking colours that seduce and delight.

16 April 2019

Release notes 0.4.0

A small update adding standard icons for each file and folder. And some bug fixes.

10 April 2019

Release notes 0.3.1

I’ve been cave diving for the last few weeks. Exploring the depths of a particularly ancient, largely abandoned cave, harbouring a bewildering array of monsters with names such as CF_HDROP, SFGAOF, DV_E_FORMATETC and PCZZWSTR. Throughout the centuries, they’ve also had pet names like pdsh, g_pszTarget and m_rgfe lovingly bestowed upon them, to further confound the novice explorer. Prying the secrets from their withered claws required many attempts and a host of different tactics.

6 March 2019

Release notes 0.2.1

This update involves a fundamental structural reorganisation of how the folder panes are put together. This was necessary in order to handle the viewing of large folders better.

This might seem like quite a disappointing minor update for such a long development period but in actual fact, it involved a huge amount of work to jig things around (or refactor them as it’s called in the land of software).

23 February 2019

Release notes 0.2.0

A key staple of any self-respecting file manager is copying and pasting.

20 February 2019

Release notes 0.1.1

Quick bugfix release to fix renaming which got broken with 0.1.0.

20 February 2019

Release notes 0.1.0

The first update of the beta phase is here.

If you have already installed a previous version, you should get alerted a short while after starting Fileside that a new version is available and that it will be installed the next time you quit.

Therefore, for the time being, you will need to first restart Fileside to receive the update, and then restart again to apply it.




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