Release notes 1.3.0

By Erik Jälevik on 29 March 2021

A focused release addressing one topic only: columns. With 1.3, you have the kind of control over the pane columns that you would expect. Hide, show, move, and automatically fit your columns for each pane.

New features

Configurable columns

By right-clicking a pane’s column header bar, you can now enable or disable which columns you want to see for that pane.

Toggle columns
Toggling columns on Mac
Movable columns

By dragging a column header, you can now move it to a different position.

Move a column
Moving a column on Windows
Autofit columns

By double-clicking on a column header separator line (or hitting Alt-A), the column will adapt its width to fit its content. Hold down Shift and double-click (or use keyboard shortcut Shift-Alt-A) to autofit all columns in one go.

Autofit all columns
Autofitting all columns on Windows
Size columns equally

By holding Shift when you resize a column, all the columns will resize to the same width as the column you are resizing.

Resize all columns
Resizing all columns equally wide on Windows

Undo works for all the new column operations so if you mess things up, Ctrl/Cmd-Z takes you back.

Bug fixes

Messed up header separators in Windows

It could happen that after navigating through This PC, the column headers would get messed up and show multiple separators next to each other. This made resizing the columns difficult. The column headers have now been completely redone, so this bug is thankfully gone.

Copy with overwrite fail on Windows

In certain cases, you might have gotten a “Could not trash file” error when copying files using the Overwrite option. No more.

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