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Release notes 1.1.1

By Erik Jälevik on 19 October 2020

Whenever you release new features, there’s usually a few Gremlins hiding within them who don’t reveal themselves fully until after release. Fileside 1.1 was no exception. This bugfix release takes care of them.


Allow more keys in type-to-jump

Backspace previously didn’t work when typing to jump to a file. Furthermore, on Windows, backspace is the shortcut for going to the parent folder, so this got pretty annoying pretty quickly. Backspace, along with shifted characters can now be used when typing to jump as well.

Bug fixes

Prevent space from triggering Quick Look during type-to-jump

Typing a space when searching for a filename on the Mac no longer triggers Quick Look.

Removed unnecessary error dialogs

1.1 tightened up the error handling within Fileside. Turns out it got a little bit too tight, and sometimes an error dialog would be shown for a totally benign error condition. Those have now been omitted again.

Fixed Duplicate command

This got broken somewhere along the way and threw an error in 1.1.




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