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Release notes 0.6.2

By Erik Jälevik on 24 October 2019

Fixes for symlink-related crash bugs and improvements to sorting and the context menu are the order of the day.


Natural sort order of filenames

Filenames and directories are now sorted in a way that takes numbers intelligently into account. Where previously a sequence of files file1, file12, file2, would have been sorted thusly, they are now sorted in the order file1, file2, file12.

Open on context menu

An Open item was added to the context menu allowing the opening of multiple files in one action.

Duplicate action

A Duplicate action was added to save having to do Copy, then Paste to duplicate a file.

Bug fixes

When displaying a directory with symlinks (aliases) on Mac, Fileside previously tried to follow all symlinks and retrieve info about their targets. This caused issues for orphaned, or otherwise broken, symlinks. Now it will only retrieve information for the link itself, fixing those issues.

Adding a drive as a favourite on Windows

The name for a drive now shows up correctly when adding it as a favourite.

Doubled highlight of entries in the favourites/recents menu

When clicking on an item in the menu, or navigating to it with the keyboard, the active highlight would get duplicated for both the favourites and the recents sections. Now fixed.



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