The file manager with unlimited panes

Fed up with Finder? Exhausted by Explorer? Fileside is a modern file manager for Mac and Windows that gives you complete layout control.

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Get organised

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Fileside takes the pain out of file management for content creators of all kinds. The files and folders you need are always at your fingertips.


Tiled folder panes

View multiple folders at the same time, within one window layout. All aspects of your layout are automatically remembered.

Custom layouts

Create multiple layouts of commonly needed locations for different projects, or types of content, to support your workflow.

Inline previews

Hit Space to preview many common file types in-pane.

Favourites & history

Bookmark individual folders for quick navigation within layouts. Or just rely on the history of recent locations.

Conflict handling

Choose from several merge strategies to handle conflicts when moving items into other folders with already existing files.

Full undo

All file system operations are fully undoable and redoable.

Full keyboard control

Everything is accessible from the keyboard, and all keyboard shortcuts are configurable.

Light & dark themes

Choose the look and feel you're most comfortable with.


Fileside shows you the file system exactly as it is. Hidden files are visible by default, and full paths are always displayed.

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If you’re someone working across both Mac and Windows, install Fileside on both to keep things consistent, and your sanity intact.

Why Fileside?

Everything in its right place

The main issue that Fileside addresses is the constant need to open multiple windows, navigate to the locations you need in each one, then painstakingly resize and arrange them side-by-side to start moving files around.

With Fileside, you can add as many panes as you like, horizontally and vertically, navigate to the locations that make sense for the task at hand, once, then save the layout for immediate access later on.

Fileside’s guiding principles are convenience, simplicity and configurability.

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