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Fed up with Finder? Exhausted by Explorer?

Manage your files like it’s 2024

With Fileside, you can create workspaces for each of your projects, so that the folders you need will never be more than a click away. And re-organising them becomes a breeze thanks to the side-by-side layouts.

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I absolutely love some of the concepts you’ve brought to the table. The paradigm of switching between sets of panes is brilliant and the sort of feature I hope to see become mainstream.

Chris Dailey, Director


Screenshot of feature Tiled folder panes

Tiled folder panes

View multiple folders at the same time, within one window layout. All aspects of your layout are automatically remembered.

Screenshot of feature Custom layouts

Custom layouts

Create layouts of commonly needed locations for different projects or workflows.

Screenshot of feature Inline previews

Inline previews

Hit Space to preview images, video, audio, text documents and many other file types in-pane or full-screen.

Screenshot of feature Search


Search any folder recursively with a breadth-first algorithm that leaves no stone unturned and does what you expect.

Screenshot of feature Favourites & history

Favourites & history

Bookmark your favourites and quickly jump to them or to previously visited folders with a few keystrokes.

Screenshot of feature Folder merging

Folder merging

Choose from several merge strategies to handle conflicts when moving folders into other folders with partially overlapping files.

Screenshot of feature Full undo

Full undo

All file system operations are fully undoable and redoable.

Screenshot of feature Full keyboard control

Full keyboard control

Everything is accessible from the keyboard, and all keyboard shortcuts are configurable.

Screenshot of feature Light & dark themes

Light & dark themes

Choose the look and feel that matches your disposition.

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Just want to call out how much I enjoy Fileside search. Zero bullshit. No gimmicks.

Karthik Iyengar, Software Engineer

Why Fileside?

Reduce cognitive load

Fileside tackles the ongoing challenge of recalling where you saved things and repeatedly navigating to those locations.

Mise en place

Just like a chef sets up their kitchen before cooking a meal, Fileside lets you set up your folder workspace for each project. But unlike the chef, you only need to do it once. No more opening multiple windows, navigating to the right place in each one, then painstakingly resizing and arranging them side-by-side just to start moving files around.

Keep things local

Fileside champions a local-first approach. Instead of storing everything in the cloud (a.k.a. other people's computers), it helps you turn your local drives into a versatile storage environment.

Embrace the file system

In recent years, there's been a trend towards hiding the underlying file system from the user in a misguided attempt at user-friendliness. Fileside takes a transparent approach, and lets you work with the file system exactly as it is.

Designed for the desktop

Fileside is designed to run on a computer, not on a tablet or a phone. It works the same way across Mac and Windows, helping you keep your workflow consistent and your sanity intact.

No recommendations

And last but not least, Fileside will never start pushing recommended content in front of you. You're in charge.

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Before finding your product I actually hired people to create a similar program for daily use at the office. In the middle of the journey I found Fileside, which was exactly what I needed.

Sarmen Mnatsakanyan, Architectural Designer

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