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Release notes 1.2.0

By Erik Jälevik on 25 November 2020

Previews have landed, taking the usefulness of Fileside to hithertho unknown levels with version 1.2. Other additions include built-in support for compressing and extracting zip files, as well as a new file type column.

New features

File previews

Many common file types can now be previewed inline within a pane. Just hit Space to enable the preview and start stepping. The preview overlay will automatically position itself based on the dimensions of its pane.

Stepping through files to preview
Previewing some files on Mac

In this first iteration, the preview mode is able to display:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Text
  • HTML

This covers a lot of ground, but we will not stop here. Over the coming versions, expect to see this list expanded with more file types.

Compress and Extract zip files

Opening and creating zip files is now seamlessly integrated in Fileside. Double-click or select Extract to extract an archive to a folder. Select a bunch of files and choose Compress to go the other way.

File type column

Sorting a listing on file type is now possible via the new Type column.


Symlinked folders on both Mac and Windows are now handled transparently within Fileside. And automatic refresh works too.

Sharper file icons on retina screens

File icons are now using their hi-res equivalents on screens with high pixel density.

New icons for progress dialog

Fresh dedicated icons for trash, delete, compress and extract have been added.

Bug fixes

Duplicate folder now works

Selecting a folder and hitting Duplicate was creating a copy of the folder inside itself. This is now handled properly.

Undo trash from root folder

On Windows, it wasn’t previously possible to undo a trashing operation from a root drive such as C:\.




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