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Release notes 0.6.3

By Erik Jälevik on 3 January 2020

This is intended to be the last build before 1.0, picking up a few of the remaining little issues and annoyances.


No more modal appearing for missing directory

The modal that would previously pop up when a pane couldn’t display its directory has been transformed into an in-pane error message to be less disruptive.

Feedback when cancelling large file transfer

If cancelling a file transfer in the middle of a huge file, Fileside doesn’t actually cancel the operation until after the file finishes transferring. Previously there was no visual feedback on pressing Cancel in this situation, which felt like a bug. Now the Cancel button immediately changes appearance to indicate this intermediate state.

Simplified default key bindings

Duplicate pane to the Right is now Alt-R, and duplicate Down is Alt-D, which fits in nicely with the Alt-W shortcut for closing a pane.

Likewise, creating a new file is now Shift-Ctrl-M/Shift-Cmd-M to harmonise better with creating a new directory at Shift-Ctrl-N/Shift-Cmd-N.

Default to descending sort order for date and size

The most common use case for sorting on date is most likely to see the newest files. Likewise for size, we are often more interested in the largest than the smallest ones. Achieving this now requires one click on the header instead of two. Text columns still default to ascending order.

Tweak contrast and theme colours

The contrast between the active pane and the rest has been slightly increased along with some other minor visual tweaks to the two themes.

Bug fixes

Mac: trashing from a network drive fails

It wasn’t possible to trash files on a mounted drive before, it would fail with an error about no Trash being available on the drive. This operation now uses the same “stashing” behaviour as on Windows, i.e. it just copies the file(s) to a temporary directory, so as to not lose the undo functionality. The path to this temp directory is now exposed in the Preferences dialog for Mac as well.

Hang when clicking Up while fetching directory listing

If navigating to a new directory and pressing Up again before the contents had loaded, the pane would hang.

Flipped sort indicator

As pointed out by Mikko in the beta group, the sort indicator icon was flipped compared to how most other apps do it, so it’s now been turned the other way around.

Close pane button not getting disabled

The pane’s Close button is now disabled when there is only one pane left.

Border when renaming layout

An unsightly border appeared during renaming of a layout.



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