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Release notes 1.4.1

By Erik Jälevik on 18 March 2022

This minor update adds markdown support to the preview, and introduces a build for Apple Silicon.


Apple Silicon version available

Fileside now runs natively on the latest Mac M1 processors. If you have one, download the Apple Silicon DMG from the Download page. The automatic update will not switch from Intel to Apple Silicon automatically, so a manual install will be required to switch.

Preview of markdown files

Markdown (.md) files are now rendered properly when previewed, instead of just showing as plain text.

Smaller selection fixes

Behaviour when shift-selecting with a preview open has been improved, as well as some edge cases for selection of target entries after a copy or a move.

Bug fixes

Previewing files with special characters in the name

Files with certain characters, for example #, in their names, failed to preview before.

Scrolling HTML previews

The mousewheel now scrolls previews of HTML files too.

Maximized window state remembered on Windows

This wasn’t previously being saved and restored properly on app shutdown/startup.




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