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Release notes 0.5.1

By Erik Jälevik on 14 May 2019

This release finally fixes some long-known bugs, and adds support for multiple Fileside windows.


Allow multiple windows on Mac

This was previously only possible on Windows, by launching the app several times. It’s now supported through the new File menu.

Bug fixes

Crash when viewing /dev on Mac

Due to the peculiar nature of the “files” in this folder, the directory watcher threw a fit.

Don’t treat Mac .app files as folders

Double-clicking on a .app now launches the application as expected.

Support entering ~ in the path input on Mac

The tilde now evaluates to the user’s home dir as expected.

Don’t show a drop highlight when dragging something over a file

Only over folders.

Disable Up button when at / on Mac

Logical enough.

Disallow loading layout files saved in a later version of Fileside

This would cause a crash due to the unexpected format.

Don’t scroll to the top until new contents loaded

The viewport was previously scrolling up too early. This gave the appearance that the new content had loaded earlier than it actually had, and caused a disconcerting jump on actual load.

Alignment issues in the layout bar

Everything should now be perfectly centered everywhere.



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