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Release notes 1.8.4

By Erik Jälevik on 18 May 2024

Another 1.8 follow-up, with a fix for Preserve dates on copy not preserving the Created timestamp, plus some usability tweaks and improvements around listing updates and focus handling.


  • Preserve Created date too when the Preserve dates on copy option is enabled.
  • Dim colours when the application window does not have focus.
  • Always display available columns in the pane header context menu in the same order.
  • Allow refreshing panes that have an inline error, e.g. because the folder it’s pointing to is missing.
  • Only show the pane spinner for user-initiated actions, like navigation or refresh, not for listing requests triggered programmatically.
  • Show a very subtle background twinkle as visual feedback when a pane’s listing was updated.

Bug fixes

  • Prevent files from opening if double-clicking them with a modifier key held.
  • Fix keyboard focus being lost in a pane after the spinner appeared.
  • Mac: Fix context menu action being sent to the wrong window if invoked in a non-focused window, while another Fileside window has the focus.
  • Windows: Fix mapped network drive paths (X:\Etc) being automatically converted into UNC paths.




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