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Release notes 1.8.2

By Erik Jälevik on 12 April 2024

With the extra columns becoming available from 1.8.0, it led to more busywork setting up the columns just right for each pane. 1.8.2 addresses this by always copying over the existing column configuration when creating new panes. So that you only need to configure the columns for the first pane in a new layout, and then later panes will automatically get the same columns in the same order.

From the bug drawer, single-key shortcuts and sorting on the Size column got fixed.


  • When adding new panes, use the same column configuration as in the current pane.
  • Make directory size cache take up less disk space.
  • Mac: Make Permissions display consistent with Flags display.
  • Mac: Add explanatory tooltips to Permissions column.

Bug fixes

  • Fix custom single-key shortcuts having no effect. These accidentally broke with 1.8.0.
  • Fix sort order when sorting on Size column and moving to a different folder.
  • Mac: Fix crash when adding a new pane while the Open Other… overlay is open in a subsequent pane.




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