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Release notes 1.7.0

By Erik Jälevik on 2 March 2023

1.7 is all about paths. In a welcome update for terminal fans, Fileside now supports tab completion for manually typed-in folder paths, and improved path handling all round.

New features

Auto completion for typed paths

As you start typing a path, say C:\ on Windows, or / on Mac, possible completions will automatically appear. Hit Tab to accept the shown suggestion, or down/up arrows to flip between them. Repeat this process until you’ve got what you need, and then hit Enter to navigate.

Tab completion on Windows

This works for UNC paths on Windows too, but only for ones you’ve already visited at least once.

Relative path support

It’s now also possible to type relative paths like ./child, or ../sibling (using the platform-appropriate path separator, i.e. \ on Windows, / on Mac). They will then be resolved relative to whatever directory is currently shown in the pane.

On Windows, current drive-relative paths, i.e. \Program Files are also supported.

Environment variables in path

A handy feature for quickly accessing certain system folders etc, environment variables like %APPDATA% on Windows, or $HOME on Mac, now work in Fileside too.

For example, to access the Fileside application data folder on Windows, just enter %APPDATA%\Fileside.


  • So-called long paths on Windows are now supported by default, without needing any registry hacks.
  • Stepping through the locations menu with the keyboard is faster.
  • Menu entries disabled where they don’t apply. e.g. in This PC.
  • Middle-truncated path readouts used in progress dialog.
  • Validation of custom temp/trash dir in settings dialog improved.

Bug fixes

  • Mouse selection of text when renaming files fixed.
  • Using Open With with multiple files selected fixed.
  • Using Open in Explorer when on This PC fixed.
  • Pressing the context menu key on Windows with first item in listing selected fixed.
  • Missing highlight of active drive in navigator menu fixed.
  • Potential crash at shutdown fixed.




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