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Release notes 1.7.1

By Erik Jälevik on 15 July 2023

While only a minor release on the surface, this one contains a lot of plumbing improvements below ground, needed to squash some tenacious bugs, and to provide a smoother user experience overall.


Sort folders before files consistently

This is now configurable by a new option in the Settings dialog, and is applied regardless of what column is sorted on.

Option to toggle grouping
Option to toggle grouping
Mac: Script support for Open With

You can now point the Open With > Other… dialog to a shell script (with file extension .sh), and it will run with the selected files as arguments. Note that the executable permission flag must be set on the script.

  • Allow copy and paste of text from Text and Markdown previews.
  • Allow extending also partial selections with Shift-click.
  • Keyboard cursor and selection behaviour made more consistent overall.
  • Allow cancelling transfers in the middle of files.

Bug fixes

  • Fix broken rendering of file icons on some Windows versions.
  • Fix Open With not working on some Windows versions.
  • Fix double click sometimes opening the wrong file.
  • Fix links in markdown previews not working in expanded mode.
  • Fix potential crash when redoing adding a new pane.
  • Fix glitch where the preview background might not appear as it should.
  • Fix keyboard focus not always returning to active pane after clicking elsewhere.
  • Try harder to prevent pane toolbar from covering vertical scrollbar.
  • Jaggy app icon in Windows 11 start menu.




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