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Release notes 1.6.0

By Erik Jälevik on 12 December 2022

1.6 is out, in which Fileside becomes a more well-adjusted citizen of its surrounding operating system society, through a bunch of new features focused on improving system integration.

New features

Open With & Set Default App

The context menu now has new entries for better control over which app to use for opening a file.

On Mac, there’s a new submenu, which lists all known apps associated with the file type, along with an Other… entry, and a second submenu for switching the default app association.

Open With submenu on Mac
Open With submenu on Mac

Sadly, we can’t have nice things on Windows, where the ability for third-party apps to change app associations has been prohibited. Therefore, the context menu entries on Windows just act as links into the native dialogs for opening files and managing app associations.

Open In

Every now and then, you might need to leave the wonderful world of Fileside to dive into the treacherous waters of the operating system. To this end, the Navigate menu now contains commands for opening the currently active folder in either the system file explorer or the terminal.

Open In commands
Open In commands on Windows and Mac
Native properties/info dialogs

Similarly, viewing the system’s info panel for a file or folder is a handy feature to have around. It’s now also on the context menu.

Copy Path

Then there are times when you just need the path of a file for use elsewhere. The context menu now also comes equipped with this functionality in the form of Copy Path. It supports multi-selections, so to copy/paste a whole directory listing, just hit Select All first.

Paste Move

Mac fiends might have built up muscle memory for using Cmd-C, and then Option-Cmd-V to cut and paste, rather than the classic Cmd-X + Cmd-V. Fileside now supports this too, on both Mac and Windows, via the Paste (move) command.

Sync dark mode with OS

A new option System is now available under Theme in the settings dialog. It will make Fileside play nicely with the operating system’s dark mode setting, and update dynamically in response to it.


Dialogs use separate windows

All dialogs and modals within Fileside have been rewritten to use their own dedicated windows, instead of just using overlays constrained to the main Fileside app window. This means no more chopped off edges, and more reliable keyboard handling; any dialog can be closed with Esc and accepted with Enter.

Context menu key on Windows more… contextual

The special context menu key on Windows keyboards now adapts to the selected file, just like a right-click would.

Del button works on Mac

The Del button on extended Mac keyboards now also maps to Move to Trash.

Bug fixes

  • Fix uneven font rendering on scaled Windows displays
  • Fix relative image links in markdown previews
  • Show correct app icons on Mac
  • Fix crash when viewing folders containing more than ≈60,000 files
  • Fix crash when undoing multiple commands too quickly
  • Visual tweaks and optimisations




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