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Release notes 1.5.1

By Erik Jälevik on 19 September 2022

Some polish and minor bug fixes for the new features in 1.5. And a teeny weeny new feature.

New features

New Layout action

File > New Layout lets you create a new layout from scratch.


Faster Markdown previews

We’re now using a faster Markdown parser, so stepping through previews should feel snappy again.

  • Added tooltips to truncated path segments.
  • Reduced number of not so relevant filter matches.
  • Improved occasionally weird truncation of menu items.

Bug fixes

  • Added Home and Close buttons to “Folder does not exist” error screen.
  • Esc did not always close search mode.
  • Auto-sizing of parent folder in search pane.
  • Fixed default Delete shortcut on Mac.
  • Fixed stuck drag & drop hover highlight.
  • Fixed missing feedback on deletion of recent locations.
  • Fixed some issues around UNC paths on Windows.



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