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Release notes 1.1.0

By Erik Jälevik on 9 October 2020

The 1.1.0 release is mostly about applying some well-needed oil to the internal gears by upgrading a lot of under-the-hood components, but some new features and improvements managed to get snuck in as well.


Show totals for each pane

At the bottom of each pane, there is now a status readout showing the number of files and their total size. Works for selections too.

Refresh command

Refreshing the list of files should never really be necessary, as they are updated automatically. But there are some rare cases in which it might come in handy, so the usual F5 on Windows and Cmd-R on Mac can now be used in Fileside too.


Improved jump-to-file allowing multiple characters to be typed

The jump-to-file-by-typing feature was somewhat crippled in that it only allowed typing one character. In large folders, this is often not enough to quickly find the file you want. Therefore, this feature has now been expanded to let you type a sequence of characters within a space of a few seconds.

Jumping to a file by typing
Jump to file on Mac
Better package support on Mac

MacOS has the concept of packages, i.e. directories that appear as files in the Finder. The most common example are applications. But there are many other types of packages as well, e.g. iMovie libraries, Keynote documents, Xcode projects etc.

These and many others are now displayed as files in Fileside instead of folders.

Faster file transfers

Transferring large folder hierarchies with many small files was unnecessarily slow due to a bug. This should now be much snappier.

Update from/to fields in progress dialog

When transferring nested folders, the From and To fields in the file transfer dialog now update to show which subfolder is currently in progress.

Show full filename in tooltip when truncated

When there isn’t enough space to show the full name for a file in a listing, a tooltip will appear on hover to show the full name.

Better font rendering

Font rendering is now crisper on non-retina screens.

Bug fixes

Paste onto folder now works

Copying and pasting a file or folder onto another folder wasn’t working. It is now.

Moving folder into a subfolder of itself prevented

Moving a folder into a nested subfolder of itself previousy caused an error. It now does nothing.

Mac: Transferring folders with applications inside now works

If trying to move or copy a folder with a .app package inside, it used to fail with an error.




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