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Release notes 1.3.2

By Erik Jälevik on 28 July 2021

When there are conflicts during file transfers, you now have the option to overwrite only if the source file is newer than the corresponding destination file.

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Release notes 1.3.1

By Erik Jälevik on 26 June 2021

Moves are now much faster in most common scenarios.

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Release notes 1.3.0

By Erik Jälevik on 29 March 2021

A focused release addressing one topic only: columns. With 1.3, you have the kind of control over the pane columns that you would expect. Hide, show, move, and automatically fit your columns for each pane.

A screenshot of Fileside with open previews

Release notes 1.2.2

By Erik Jälevik on 7 January 2021

Strictly a bugfix release to fix a potential crash when loading a layout or starting Fileside.

A screenshot of Fileside with open previews

Release notes 1.2.1

By Erik Jälevik on 3 January 2021

Some small tweaks and fixes to make the preview experience smoother.

A screenshot of Fileside with open previews

Release notes 1.2.0

By Erik Jälevik on 25 November 2020

Previews have landed, taking the usefulness of Fileside to hithertho unknown levels with version 1.2. Other additions include built-in support for compressing and extracting zip files, as well as a new file type column.

Engine cogs

Release notes 1.1.1

By Erik Jälevik on 19 October 2020

Whenever you release new features, there’s usually a few Gremlins hiding within them who don’t reveal themselves fully until after release. Fileside 1.1 was no exception. This bugfix release takes care of them.

Engine cogs

Release notes 1.1.0

By Erik Jälevik on 9 October 2020

The 1.1.0 release is mostly about applying some well-needed oil to the internal gears by upgrading a lot of under-the-hood components, but some new features and improvements managed to get snuck in as well.

An air balloon being released

Release notes 1.0.3

By Erik Jälevik on 18 July 2020

A slightly bigger, but still minor, release this time, tidying up a few messy corners that needed attention before moving forward.

An air balloon being released

Release notes 1.0.2

By Erik Jälevik on 2 June 2020

Another ultra-boring minor release with some under-the-hood fixes for license handling and auto updates.




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